Decisions Shape Destiny

I was on Netflix the other day and I decided to watch TED Talks – Head Games Episode 2 ” Why We Do What We Do” with Tony Robbins.

To be totally honest, it wasn’t my favorite thing ever. I’m not big into the self help lecture style of bashing you over the head with crazy high energy and “motivation,” BUT, aside from the delivery not being my style, Tony did say a couple things that stuck in my head.


Tony spoke about how people often make excuses for not doing things because they don’t have the resources meaning- Money, Technology, Contacts, Experience.

In reality our only limitation is our resourcefulness  – so no more excuses!

#2 He then talks about how three decisions determine our resources. He says that Decisions shape Destiny. 

The three decisions are :

What are you going to focus on?

What is the meaning of what you are focusing on? 

What is the emotion that will lead you to action?




This came into my head today because I was looking on this dancers website, and she had a workshop posted taking place in October in…MARRAKECH!!!!

I’ve been wanting to go there FOREVER, and as soon as I saw it I thought – “Ughhhh, well that’s never going to happen… I’ll never have enough money, I don’t know what I’ll be doing at that time of the year…etc”

Then I decided to change my attitude.

I decided to work backwards. Starting with the thing I want to focus on – going to Marrakech.  I am focusing on going to this workshop because I want to improve my dancing and I want to be a professional dancer, I want to explore and learn about culture in Morocco, and this is a way for me to do it all. Thinking about the possibility of going made me feel excited and want to figure out a way to be resourceful. So, before I wrote this post, I went on a bunch of different travel sites and set up alerts for cheap flights to Marrakech. I also emailed the dancer and asked if price was negotiable and if there is a possibility I can do some kind of free work for her to lower the cost. I know all this sounds super obvious – like  – why wouldn’t you do that? but it’s easy to just dismiss things without giving them a chance. So we’ll see what happens – *fingers crossed!*

Oh… I also added a photo of Marrakech to my vision board 😉




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