Patience Is A Virtue

Last night I had a series of strange dreams, as usual. In one of them, I was with my friend Catherina. She and I were in college and we were at a student produced concert. We left durning intermission. We stepped out of the dark auditorium into a very quaint sunny town.

There were trees everywhere and cobblestone curved roads. It was refreshing to be outside, but there was an old energy in the town, like I had lived there before in another time. We started walking away from the auditorium and came up to a very lovely church. Catherina was thirsty so she ran around to the side of the church , which had some kind of outdoor patio/kitchen set up. She grabbed a yellow and blue china mug and filled it with water. I had followed and was rushing her along because I didn’t want to get caught stealing from a church!

We made our way back to the front of the church were there was a sun room. There was a short bald man wearing a long-sleeve white shirt, sitting at a little card table. He looked like he was tired and had been doing some kind of manual labor, maybe gardening, I thought.

He looked at me and asked me ” Do you have a sore throat?”
I responded “Yes, I do actually, how did you know that?” ( I had a sore throat last night before I went to bed lol )
He said, ” I’m a psychic.”
“Will you read my cards?” I asked.
He agreed and I asked him, ” How can I fix my health problems ?”
He shuffled the deck ( it was an oversized deck – maybe 8.5×11)and pulled out a card. The cards corners were all colored a pale yellow and in the center in black script was the word ” Patience.”
I asked another question,”How can I figure out my purpose?”
He shuffled again and pulled out a card, again it said ” Patience”
I asked question after question, although now I don’t remember what the rest of them were and I kept getting the same answer, “Patience.”
Then the man turned over the deck showing me the face of every card. Every single card said ,”Patience.”
He smiled at me, not a tricky smile, like ” Oh , got you!” But a sincere smile, like he was really trying to help me, to tell me something I needed to know.

Then I woke up and wrote down as much as I could remember.
I think it’s really important to remember to be patient and not drive yourself crazy trying to figure everything out. It’s important to trust and be open to possibilities, to let things unfold, instead of forcing them. Clearly I needed that reminder.

“Have patience with all things,but, first of all with yourself. ” ~ Saint Francis de Sales



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