My Motivation

So, I ended my day feeling a bit frustrated and conflicted.

Why? Well…

I am currently unemployed. My last job was stressful to the point that I have developed a variety of health problems that I am still trying to recover from.

Looking for a job has proven to be more difficult than I anticipated because…drum roll please…I have no idea what I want to do…ahhhhhh! I haven’t seen one listing that made me say ” wow! I would love to work there!”

And honestly, I’m at the point in my life where I feel entitled to have that reaction, why should I go from meaningless job to meaningless job? Right???

I am constantly trying to resolve my inner conflict between feeling the need to figure things out and feeling pressured to just get a job doing what I already know I can do, back in the same high stress environment.

So, today I decided to apply for a job at a local gym, which seemed like a good idea, because it is part- time, leaving plenty of time to figure out what my next step is, and I would get to take free classes.

My parents are not into this plan. They don’t understand why I would want to work somewhere, for essentially less than I made in high school, when I have a BFA from a prestigious school and work experience galore.

The problem is, I’m just not that passionate about “what I do” anymore. At least not as passionate as I am about other things. Why should I have to decide what I want to do for the rest of my life at 17 years old – it seems a bit crazy.

There is a constant ebb and flow in life, so it only makes sense that as you grow and change your interests do as well.

I want to “stop trying to find the forest and just enjoy the trees”.

Anyway, I think there are probably a lot of people out there like me, wondering what they’re next step is, which motivated me to start this blog – if you’re out there, you’re not alone!

Let me know your thoughts,





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